What’s an Abortion Buddy?

What’s an Abortion Buddy?  It’s a friend or acquaintance who you can ALWAYS talk about abortion with. Someone who doesn’t get all jumpity when the subject comes up–and who actually, instead, is excited to dialogue.  Someone on the same page.  Someone who loves the-A-word, too.

I live in a conservative, dusty, desert town, and I don’t often get to have (real live) conversations with folks who’ve made a commitment to working toward abortion access in their daily lives.  So my Abortion Buddies are really effing important to me. Having reproductive justice allies in my life–whether in person or online–makes my work more effective, and my world better.

You know who you are.  And thanks.



One response to “What’s an Abortion Buddy?

  1. You are MOST welcome.
    This reminds me of a tale I have in my mind to pen…”One Abortion. Four Borders”. Based on true life.

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