FetusBeat: The Sounds of 32 Weeks

This video clip shows my round belly, my midwife’s hands, my mother, my daughter, a prenatal exam room, and a doppler.  It also shows how I spend 40 minutes every other week, revelling in the thumpity noises that come out of that machine.

I thought about having everybody be quiet and sit still so I could get a “good” clip of *just* the baby’s heartbeat.  But the sounds of 32 weeks are much more than just the heartbeat – they’re the sounds of my 3 3/4 year old daughter chattering away, my mom and my midwife getting to know each other, and me pining away for my partner, who missed the appointment. 

At another visit coming up, I’ll record the sounds of the heartbeat plus the placenta and umbilical cord (did you know the placenta and cord make their very own sounds??).  But for now, this is what 32 weeks sounds like for my belly.  It’s noisy & hectic & fun & vibrant & exactly what a family should be.


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