About Me

Laurel Ripple Carpenter, CD(DONA), PES, is a mother, an activist, a doula, and an advocate.  She’s mama to the fiestiest red-headed toddler ever, and farmstress at the Circle A Farm in Colorado.  She’s currently finishing her BA in the Anthropology of Reproduction, and is conducting an ethnographic study of the full spectrum doula movement.

She is founder of the Full Spectrum Doula Network, an online community “supporting the full spectrum of pregnancy choices, and the full spectrum of doulas.”  She also founded The Doula Partnership, which provides free & low-cost doula services & childbirth education to low-income women in Western Colorado.  She publishes the CUNTastic Zine and the CUNTastic Blog, each of which is part personal, part educational, and all political.  She operates Two Rivers Birth Services as a Certified Doula through DONA International and a certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist through PBi.  Contact her at laurel@cuntastic.org.

Her articles include:

Upcoming articles include:

  • The Sex Play Issue, CUNTastic Zine #4, Summer 2011
  • The Married Anarchist, 2012-2013