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CUNTastic Zine #2: The Menstruation Issue NOW AVAILABLE FREE ONLINE

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CUNTastic Zine #2 – The Menstruation Issue
Fall/Winter 2009

this issue #2 explores menstruation in all its crimson glory. you’ll find a 2010 menstrual calendar, product reviews of the best alternative menstrual products available, a birth story, two book reviews, original cover art, my story of going into labor at the DNC protests last year, and TONS more engaging thought & experience from brilliant, vagina-positive folks in far corners of the universe. PLUS a full-color CENTERFOLD!.

this zine is meant to be a compilation of experiences, thoughts & research from myself & others–it’s part personal, part educational, and all political. each issue of CUNTastic will be bursting at the seams, overflowing with (at the very least): birth stories, diy recipes for coochie-related items, snippets of life with new baby ramona, and articles from contributors on the issue topic.

42 pages, 8.5×7″


Lunaception: Putting the Moon Back Into Your Cycle

When I first heard the term ‘moon’ used as a synonym for ‘menstrual cycle,’ I was living at a commune and spent my days roaming the wilderness, listening to birds and watching wildlife.  I didn’t question or put much thought into what it really meant to link a woman’s menstrual cycle with the moon and the lunar cycle, I just kind of accepted the term.

Now, years later, I realize that I was taking for granted the closeness I had to nature and the earth in that lifestyle.  So many urban and suburban women live bustling lives filled with schedules and walls, blocking out much of their relationship to nature, and potentially affecting their bodies in unintended ways.

The concept of ‘lunaception’ is a strategy to bring women and their menstrual cycles back into communion with the earth, by allowing the moon’s cycle to regulate one’s own menstrual cycle, as many people believe has been the norm throughout history.

The link between the moon and menstruation isn’t in any way proven, but it’s very commonly and historically believed to be a strong and important relationship.  The idea is that in the past, our lives were lived more outdoors, and we were exposed to moonlight more regularly than we are today.  By blocking out the moon’s light at night, women have lost their connection to it, and have lost the regularity that it provided.

In the 1975 book Lunaception by Louise Lacey, the author suggests that before our lives became dominated by the invention of electricity, women’s menstruation was directly related to the lunar phases.  She posits that the onset of a period usually coincided with the new moon, and the fertile days coincided with the full moon.  She also suggests this caused most women’s periods to occur generally at the same time as one another.

Ideally, the way to correct this detour from nature would be to Continue reading

iPad Offers Salvation to Period Sufferers

Another pop culture illustration of technology dominating women and nature, YAY!

I’m not an avid Mad TV fan by any means, so I missed this skit when it first aired in 2006 or 2007.  The years-old skit was meant to make fun of the iPod, using the sleek little machine to solve all of women’s menstrual problems.

But with the release of the new Apple iPad computer, Mad TV’s years-old iPad skit is enjoying a resurgence of popularity.  What’s disturbing is that the skit does what so many have done before: disses mother nature and the uteri of the world.

Obviously, Mad TV is a comedy sketch show.  And yes, I laughed at the skit.  But I also snarled.  My period is not dirty, gross, embarrassing, or in need of technological salvation.  Thanks anyway.

CUNTastic #2 – The Menstruation Issue

CUNTastic #2: The Menstruation Issue is making a fashionably late entrance into the world, just a few months behind schedule. This bigger & better than ever issue is jam-packed with 42 pages of menstrual glory. We’ve added tons of new contributors, changed to a larger format to accomodate more submissions, and basically upgraded our level of ass kicking. Order a copy…now…