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Thanks for being here, and here’s to a new year.

Yesterday, as I thought about 2011 being one of the best years of my life, it was clear that this blog was a part of that best-ness.

There are more readers than ever before–views increased 720% from 8,600 in 2010 to 62,000 in 2011.

There are more comments than ever before–with some posts garnering 40, 50, 60 comments, there’s some real dialogue going on here.

And I’m just plain-ol’ more excited about it than ever before.  This blog has lasted 2 1/2 years in my over-stuffed life, and it’s not going anywhere any time soon.  In fact, I have significant (and pretty badass) plans for it in this new year.

Anyway, thanks for being here, and here’s to a new year.


There’s a huge change in the works here at CUNTastic, so my posting here has been tapering off a bit lately, and may continue to be sparse in the next few weeks.  I promise to make up for it, though. … Continue reading

Full Spectrum Doulas in the Media

The full spectrum doula movement is gaining enormous momentum, and has been appearing more and more in the news and across the social media world recently.

Last week’s article ‘Doulas Aren’t Just for Births Anymore‘ by Michelle Tavarez gives a thorough Full Spectrum 101 kind of introduction to abortion support.  Hopefully this article, published by the Columbia News Service at Columbia University, will be syndicated by one of the 400+ news outlets that glean articles from this source.

There’s also a growing number of Facebook pages for groups that highlight the intersection between abortion and doula work.  Check them out for constant access to relevant links and updates:

Also, here’s a run-down of some past articles on full spectrum support:

Do you have anything to add to these lists?  Let us know!

Because people have sex.

It baffles me that we have to explain why to support Planned Parenthood.  But thanks to this fly new video, we can do a little less explaining and a little more raging.

Why support Planned Parenthood?  Because people have sex.

I have sex.  I don’t have sex, but I plan to.  My friends have sex.  I don’t have sex, but I have periods.  I use birth control.  I’ve been tested.  I have sex and I enjoy it.

100th post and still going…thank you!

This happy little post is the CUNTastic blog’s 100th.  Thank you for reading, commenting, sharing, and contributing.  Thank you for supporting the zine and all of the fantastic projects we’ve passed on info about.  You are so cuntastic 🙂

Zine Review: Tenacious, Art & Writings by Women in Prison, Issue #20

Cover art by Rachel Galindo, an incarcerated woman at La vista Correctional Facility in Pueblo, CO

When I sat down to read Tenacious: Art & Writings by Women in Prison, Issue #20, I couldn’t have predicted the spirit, the soul, that I found in these simple, subtle, understated, black & white pages.

A letter from a mother to her dead six year old, whose death she was responsible for and imprisoned for; a story of one mother adopting the young women in her prison as a replacement for the relationship she’s lost with her son, who’s also incarcerated; tales of years in isolation cells turning women into swaying, growling shells of their former selves.

Each story or letter or poem reads with a distinct and separate voice, a voice that articulates clearly that woman’s struggle for freedom, for reconciliation, for justice. I could hear these women speaking as I read their words.

And in each of the works in this zine, I found a small piece of myself. My self that has never been to prison, never killed anyone accidentally or on purpose, never been an addict, never had to appear before a Parole Board. But each piece in the zine was the story of a woman, a mother, a human being, all of which I can identify with. What little shared experience I do have with these contributors, made it impossible to put this zine down.

The physical zine itself is 49 pages of stark reality. Other than Continue reading

Another Marriage is Possible!

Another Marriage is Possible! just as another world is possible, so is an equitable, egalitarian version of marriage!

first of all, yes there is such a thing as an anarchist wedding. many, many self-identified anarchists have taken on the task of using the structure of legal marriage in a positive way. in fact, this is my second try.

this is the first in a series of ‘Another Marriage is Possible!’ posts on anarchist marriage and anarchist weddings.  the point is both an attempt to shed light on the phenomenon of anarchist marriage, and also a self-serving way to figure out exactly how we’re going to pull this off.

my partner & i have a lot of love for each other, five or six dollars to spend, and a month and a half to work with. help!