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CUNTastic Needs You

Do you have a penchant for queer erotica?  Or maybe databases?  Maybe you really love sending mail, or doing research on obscure reproductive health issues.

If so, we need you.

This little project has been growing, and growing and growing and growing, and it’s time to get some fresh hands & eyes & ears & minds into the mix.

If you’re an empowered folk with more ideas than you know what to do with–and a bit of spare time and energy–let me know.  We’re creating editorial and support positions to help the CUNTastic print zine keep moving forward in its own cuntastic way.

Email with a bit about yourself, your experience, and what you might be interested in working on–from distribution to promotion to proofreading to writing a regular column, or whatever else grabs your eye.


Outlaw Midwives #2 is here!

Outlaw Midwives #2 is here!  Thanks to the work, vision, intention, manifestation, joy, and rage of Mai’a Williams and the swarm of incredible folks involved in this zine.  Read it online here, and read Maia’s intro here:

I love volume 2 of outlaw midwives.  I love it because it is full of personal stories from the frontlines of birth work and mothering.  As I printed out the articles and sat on the floor with glue stick and scissors, stapler and paper, I could hear the air crackle around me as the electric heater burnt slowly.  These pages are pointing to a path of liberation and magic.  To a place where justice = love.

These stories run the gamut, from supporting women’s access to abortion to discovering that breastfeeding can be painful and exhausting.  From questioning who homebirth is really for, to mamas discussing marginal identities in the natural birth community.  There are visions for what midwifery could be, should be, and what it should never have become.  Stories about death.  And yes, stories about birth.  Most of all, these are stories, our stories, that we need. Continue reading

the new ‘Tricycle Zine Distro’ focuses on Radical Parenting Zines

Just wanted to give a shout out to a fabulous rad-parent-zinester across the oceans over in Fiji, Lara at Tricycle Zine Distro!  We’re thrilled that CUNTastic is now being distro’d by Tricycle, along with other titles that are the backbone of any radical parenting library.

Here’s some info about her 3 new exciting projects:

Tricycle Zine Distro was created to distribute and inspire the writing of radical parent/ing* zines and other zines/resources useful to parents, caregivers and allies. 

Building Blocs Zine: parenting, movement and little folk is a compilation zine of radical parenting* challenges, experiences and reflections.  The zine is open to contributions from parents, caregivers, children and allies .The theme for the inaugural issue is “Firsts.”

Raising Rebellion is a zine I started writing when I was pregnant. I wrote the first issue to share with my unborn fetus, family, friends and friendly folk. My plan is to keep writing as life with Ruby unfolds.

*Radical Parenting is an imperfect term and is meant here as inclusive and diverse – an exploration of parenting styles that value respect, trust, autonomy, diversity, non-oppression, learning, love and revolution.

For more info, or to submit a piece for the upcoming issue of Building Blocs, or if you have a zine or resource you’d like to distro through Tricycle, email Lara at

CUNTastic #3: The Radical Parenting Issue, Now Available ONLINE

Now available for free reading online, or free download of a PDF!

CUNTastic Zine #3 – The Radical Parenting Issue
Spring/Summer 2010

This issue is jam-packed with radical parenting how-to tips, thought-provoking analysis, and compelling original art. Articles include:

– Counter-Hegemonic Parenting by Rahula Janowski
– Thoughts on Childrearing and the State of the Movement by Victoria Law
– Cesareana: The Mama Survivors Image Series, original art by Mai’a Williams
– Raising Leila: Idle ramblings on Raising Babies and Children (and burning down the schools) by David Rovics
– Fathering: A Composite Day by Quinten Collier
– Black Diaper 101: What We Do Differently by Laurel Ripple Carpenter
– Radical Parenting Book List by Connie Murillo
– Parenting is the Most Radical and Challenging Thing I Do by Heather Jackson

…plus a full-color centerfold, an erotica feature, and much, much more radical-parenting-love than you’re ready for!

48 pages, 8.5×7

Call for Submissions on Transgender Pregnancy & Conception

Stephanie Brill is currently calling for submissions for a book about transgender pregnancy & conception. This book will include:

• Using transwomen as donors
• Transmale pregnancies
• Transmale partners of biowomen
• Transmen/transwomen parenting together

Please send submissions to:

The back story on this call for submissions is pretty interesting.  This upcoming trans book follows Stephanie Brill’s previous book, The New Essential Guide to Lesbian Conception, Pregnancy & Birth.  When it was being published, evidently the publisher, Alyson Books, ditched out on Brill’s trans-pregnancy & conception topics. 

Brill is co-founder and director of Maia Midwifery and Preconception Services, which serves lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered and heterosexual families.  Here’s the statement from Mai Midwifery’s website about the exclusion of trans material from her book:

Stephanie Brill's previous publisher excluded her chapters on transgender issues

This Book is Trans Inclusive

and inclusive of all gender expressions and identities. However, the publisher declined to include the two new chapters dedicated to issues of transgender conception and pregnancy. They also declined to use a more inclusive subtitle to reflect the breadth of this book (bisexual, single, trans and gender queer parents). For this we apologize. However, Stephanie is now calling for submissions for another book in the works specifically addressing trans issues. To contact Stephanie Brill, click here.


CUNTastic Zine #2: The Menstruation Issue NOW AVAILABLE FREE ONLINE

View or Download for free here:

CUNTastic Zine #2 – The Menstruation Issue
Fall/Winter 2009

this issue #2 explores menstruation in all its crimson glory. you’ll find a 2010 menstrual calendar, product reviews of the best alternative menstrual products available, a birth story, two book reviews, original cover art, my story of going into labor at the DNC protests last year, and TONS more engaging thought & experience from brilliant, vagina-positive folks in far corners of the universe. PLUS a full-color CENTERFOLD!.

this zine is meant to be a compilation of experiences, thoughts & research from myself & others–it’s part personal, part educational, and all political. each issue of CUNTastic will be bursting at the seams, overflowing with (at the very least): birth stories, diy recipes for coochie-related items, snippets of life with new baby ramona, and articles from contributors on the issue topic.

42 pages, 8.5×7″

CUNTastic Now Available in Austin, TX!

The fantastic folks at MonkeyWrench Books and BookWoman have brought CUNTastic to the Lone Star State!

MonkeyWrench Books is a collectively owned and operated bookstore in North Austin.  The bookstore is maintained by volunteers who believe in the importance of establishing alternatives to corporate capitalism, built on the values of cooperation, solidarity, equity and self-management.

BookWoman is a feminist bookstore in North Austin that started as a collective bookstore 34 years ago.

For details on where to find MonkeyWrench and BookWoman, check here.