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Call for Submissions on Transgender Pregnancy & Conception

Stephanie Brill is currently calling for submissions for a book about transgender pregnancy & conception. This book will include:

• Using transwomen as donors
• Transmale pregnancies
• Transmale partners of biowomen
• Transmen/transwomen parenting together

Please send submissions to:

The back story on this call for submissions is pretty interesting.  This upcoming trans book follows Stephanie Brill’s previous book, The New Essential Guide to Lesbian Conception, Pregnancy & Birth.  When it was being published, evidently the publisher, Alyson Books, ditched out on Brill’s trans-pregnancy & conception topics. 

Brill is co-founder and director of Maia Midwifery and Preconception Services, which serves lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered and heterosexual families.  Here’s the statement from Mai Midwifery’s website about the exclusion of trans material from her book:

Stephanie Brill's previous publisher excluded her chapters on transgender issues

This Book is Trans Inclusive

and inclusive of all gender expressions and identities. However, the publisher declined to include the two new chapters dedicated to issues of transgender conception and pregnancy. They also declined to use a more inclusive subtitle to reflect the breadth of this book (bisexual, single, trans and gender queer parents). For this we apologize. However, Stephanie is now calling for submissions for another book in the works specifically addressing trans issues. To contact Stephanie Brill, click here.



Call for Submissions: The Sex Play Issue

Whether your sex play involves whips & feather boas, or is a more organic, accessory-free brand, we want to hear about it.  Stories of secret passions, tales of exciting exploits, analysis of sexual theory, instructions for DIY sex toys…let’s pack this issue with thoughts & ideas & experiences that speak to our diverse understandings of sex, sex play, and the erotic spaces & moments of our lives.

Is there such a thing as radical or anarchist sex?  What’s it like being a polyamorous parent?  Are you part of a sex-positive community?  What’s it like to be aroused by something that the majority world ostracizes?  How have you overcome a past of sexual assault or abuse?  What’s the most creative thing a lover has ever done for you sexually?  Was pregnant sex the best or the worst experience of your life?

Deadline 8/31. Email  Any style, format or length.

Call for Submissions: CUNTastic #3

CUNTastic #3: The Radical Parenting Issue

share your thoughts as a parent or non-parent.  rail on breeders or rail on the anti-breeder controversy.  share your non-traditional family, your unschooling, your non-gender-binary, your trauma, your success, your loss, your challenges.  use this space to explain how your kids are escaping the cookie cutter world, or why you don’t want kids at all.  show the world that most families don’t look like the leave-it-to-beaver show, and we like it that way.
submission deadline 03/01/10.  submissions can be short or long, any style, as long as they’re honest and passionate.  also looking for birth stories, erotica, book/film reviews, and whatever else you’d like to read about in CUNTastic.

Call for Submissions: CUNTastic #2

CUNTastic #2: The Menstruation Issue

We’re looking for those good ole stories about dear Aunt Flo! Describe a traumatic period event, how prepared/unprepared you were for your first time, a monthly ritual you practice, what is what like when your daughter started her cycle, why you love or hate your moon, whatever comes to mind.

We’re also seeking product reviews for alternative menstrual products such as cloth pads, sea sponges, menstrual cups, etc. Have you used all of the above? Write a comparison for us!

We’re also seeking book reviews on the topic–if you’ve read a good (or bad?) book on the topic, share it with us!

Submissions are due August 15-ish and can be short or long, biographical, educational, fiction, art, poetry, book reviews, product reviews, etc. For more info or submissions, contact